BREAKING RESEARCH NEWS – The Quantum Mechanics of Stupidity

In a groundbreaking study, a team of researchers at the International Institute of Quantum Idiocy (IIQI) has discovered a new set of particles that is believed to be the fundamental building blocks of stupidity. The particle, named the “stupidion,” has a unique set of properties that set it apart from all other known particles in … Read more

Joke – Man with Rolls Royce

I’ve trawled through all my posts – not one by one but with the search engine in the backend – and realised that I’ve not posted any jokes up here. So this one starts a series on jokes that will have a tag of ‘jokes’. Sorry about that. To continue with the joke now.

Amused again

I tell you, my interactions with the humans are so amusing. Itโ€™s part of the reason I stay among them. Itโ€™s like watching ants in or around their nests doing various things โ€“ interesting and amusing what they get up to โ€“ pulling and tugging at small pieces of food (for example) but then going … Read more