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Tag: justification


Suspend mode

“What now?“- you may wonder. “What’s he on about this time?” – I’m no mind reader but I may have heard you think it. Well – it’s been playing on my mind – in the back of my consciousness – that the humans have a ‘suspend mode‘. Oh yes –Read More

Justifying anything you want

I’ve touched on ‘justification‘ in several posts over the years. A recent event last week, made me think even more about it. As always I try to define or refine what I mean by words like justify or justification. Google addicts may now pause to check what the words mean.Read More

Is justification the root of all evil?

Justification according the Oxford Dictionary means: “The action of showing something to be right or reasonable.” However, that definition does not cut to the validity of method or quality of reasoning. Justification (my concept of it): It comprises reasoning. The form of reasoning is aimed at achieving an end. ReasoningRead More

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