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A maddening time. The penny dropped.

I’ve obviously been too busy elsewhere to be writing up here. Well, as some may know I’m writing a lot more stuff in other places and producing videos. Suffering In the last 12 months I’ve been exposed to the worst kinds of human suffering. It’s in health services of course.Read More

Whistle and die

Many are not aware of what happens to whistle blowers in the NHS. This is not going to be a lecture on the topic. What you get are links to Peter Duffy’s books – which you can find and read (or not) at your own cost. Oh yes – whatRead More

Change is hard but could be good

Right – so I moved out of Northern Ireland a few weeks ago. That was not an easy decision. Eventually the ‘pain’ of staying in that job exceeded the ‘pleasures’ of Northern Ireland. Calm down – in case your imagination based on some script begins to run wild. Overview onRead More

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