The Throw-Away Person

In the canvas of human relationships, there exists a phenomenon that cuts to the core of our social nature – the experience of being a “throw away person”. This term describes individuals who find themselves unexpectedly and inexplicably cast aside by those they once considered close friends or confidants. To be clear, this post is … Read more


What the hell does that mean? It means (obviously) ‘You Do Not Need To Read This Now‘ 😂🤣 Yeah – I’ve been having fun with some mnemonics lately. In this post contains a massive list. When using mnemonics in chat conversations, it’s important to consider your audience and the context of the conversation. Common mnemonics … Read more

Appropriate leveraging using AI tools

I just received learned opinion from a group of high IQ doctors that using AI to summarise articles and present findings is “low effort”. This means that anybody who cannot or does use AI for such purposes, is a “high effort” person! Some people may to believe that low effort is simply laziness. However, low … Read more

I’m pretty good at mimicking stupidity!

Because I study stupidity so much, I’ve become a pass master at mimicking stupidity. Well it is been good. How? Some people actually have come to believe that I’m either terribly stupid or demented to some degree. I have evidence. Oh yes – but that doesn’t mean that everybody gets to see it. Why? Jeez … Read more