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Walker’s laws

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Victim of a lynch mob, or political correctness gone mad?

Warning! This post is not for headline hungry Rock-huggers. It is a long and in-depth look into a very serious and far reaching issue.

It’s now stale news of course that Nizam Mohammed was  sacked by the President on 2011-04-04 in close approximation to apparently very unsavoury comments  made  at a Joint Select Committee (JSC) meeting on 2011-03-25, tasked with  evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the Police Service Commission. Those comments were said to be of a racist nature. In addition it was asserted that NM did not have the authority to “fix” any ethnic imbalance in the Duncey Police Service – even though he was head of the Police Service Commission. At the outset I must declare that I hold no political affiliations anywhere. My motive for exploring this matter is largely about how human beings – who are supposed to be intelligent – are ruled by primitive forces that confound the application cognitive abilities.

What did Nizam Mohammed actually say?
He said

Out of ten Assistant Commissioners of Police, you don’t have a single one of Indian origin. Out of three Deputy Commissioners, none of Indian origin. Well we have one Commissioner of Police. Senior Superintendent, you have 15 all of African origin, none of Indian origin.

Happily when you look at the figures, you see at the Superintendent level, you have 21 of African origin and ten of East Indian origin and since within recent times, we have been emphasising the question of meritocracy as opposed to seniority, and Monday coming, Superintendents

should be writing their exams. The better ones may move to Senior Superintendents and you may have a better mixture, and you cannot approach a matter like this in an inflammatory, passionate, emotional kind of way.

Fifty per cent of this country are people of East Indian origin and you are asking them to support the Police Service…They have to provide the Police Service with information…They have to feel protected by the Police Service and when they see the hierarchy of the Police Service is as imbalanced as is reflected in these figures and the chairman of the commission intends to tackle these things you understand why…you understand why the guns are being aimed at me, but I have a job to do and this is what I am going to do. I intend to address this with the help of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago.

Nizam Mohammed outlined the following facts (which have not been disputed to date)

  • •Ten Assistant Commissioners of Police—No East Indians.
  • •Three Deputy Commissioners of Police—No East Indians.
  • •15 Senior Superintendents—No East Indians.
  • •31 Superintendents—21 Africans and ten East Indians.

 What did the media say?

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