Mobile phone tips and conundrums

Most people want to know what’s the best mobile (cell) phone to buy. I often hear questions (not necessarily to me) like, “What’s the best brand?” or “What works best?” Those sorts of questions are like asking “What’s the best restaurant or food?” Again – how would I know. These questions are about attitude leading … Read more

How you pay

I just got back from having my car’s MOT sorted. For those who don’t know what that means, Google is your friend (not me).  Right , so I look at the MOT certificate and find Reminder? What sort? Who’s providing and collecting money for this reminder? I’ll help you out on this question click: … Read more

Getting it wrong and right

This is about lots of things – spending money, getting things done, getting it right and when I’ve gotten them wrong. I’ll focus on some things that I’ve purchased over the years. I’ll start with so-called ‘computers’. It’s a funny term because some people have images in their minds of desktop computers, others think of … Read more