Appropriate leveraging using AI tools

I just received learned opinion from a group of high IQ doctors that using AI to summarise articles and present findings is “low effort”. This means that anybody who cannot or does use AI for such purposes, is a “high effort” person! Some people may to believe that low effort is simply laziness. However, low … Read more

Mobile phone tips and conundrums

Most people want to know what’s the best mobile (cell) phone to buy. I often hear questions (not necessarily to me) like, “What’s the best brand?” or “What works best?” Those sorts of questions are like asking “What’s the best restaurant or food?” Again – how would I know. These questions are about attitude leading … Read more

Melt down at a self-service checkout

Not me – from one of my ‘associates’, as I have no friends. My take Well, I hate self-service as it often sends up my blood pressure. Something ‘always’ goes wrong. It could be some nonsense with age verification, it may not like my bag, something can’t scan, then when the red light flashes, they … Read more

Time to change

WordPress that runs this site – has recently updated to version 6.4.2. This version changes lots of things for bloggers. In case some do not know, blogs happen on ‘websites’. In previous years had been running a certain ‘theme’ that avoided the confusion caused by all the WordPress development that happened in version 5. [Themes … Read more


Well, loads of people have been biting their nails about ChatGPT. Yuh know anything that is new and apparently intelligent is to be feared. Like “OMG!! OMG!! AI is taking over the world, let’s have a panic attack!” The sort of responses are similar to when aeroplanes were made to fly people around, the telephone … Read more

Sound like you never heard it before – go mental!

I’m a longstanding customer of Anker. I don’t buy cheap poor-quality stuff. Anker is middle of the range and produces technology that is great and reliable. No delay – the Anker Q45 is currently on sale for a genuine price drop of £42. So it is now £97.99 which means I had paid the full … Read more

Italicise text between speech marks using advanced find and replace in MS Word

All of this post is my notes. It is not designed for ‘you’. I use advanced features of find and replace in MS Word. I write my notes like self-talk because I’ve noticed that in a few months’ time I may not remember every aspect of this. Challenge Recently I wanted to find an easy … Read more

Nail biting technology!

Lots of people do not know that they can take a video on their phones and upload it directly to YouTube. Most people will have a panic attack first. Required: A functioning brain of average intelligence. Sound internet connection via 4G or WiFi. A good performing phone. Heavy doses of Valium or grog for those … Read more