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All the following apply to anything found on this site – and is therefore a DISCLAIMER.

  1. The terms and conditions includes understanding and acceptance of The Captain’s modus operandi – which doesn’t mean you have to accept what The Captain says.
  2. No one is obliged to read anything written here.
  3. Failure to read and understand what is written or presented (for any reason), is not an excuse for anything.
  4. ‘Generation Snowflake’ should get lost!
  5. If you read anything here and you disagree, that’s fine.
  6. The site and its contributors to content, accept no liability in law for your health or well-being.
  7. If you have a predisposition to psychological or other injury, or suffer with mental health issues, do not read anything on this site. That means that if you suffer some adverse consequence of reading anything here, you have been warned and told to take responsibility for your own health. It means that this disclaimer will be used to avoid liability for harm or suffering you may experience.
  8. The above does not mean that content here is likely to be harmful to anyone. It simple means we accept no liability, if in the odd chance you decide to sue.
  9. The site has no duty to you and does not cater for the mentally infirm or disabled. You are not in our care – and realistically we cannot cater for the needs of every member of the public who reads anything here.
  10. You are assumed to be an adult or if not, a person with sufficient supervision by an adult of sound disposing mind. If you are neither of the latter or you cannot understand any of this, you are informed now not to read anything on this site.
  11. The authors on this site will aim not to engage persons who insist on arguments based on logical fallacies. We do not spell things out or spoon-feed – you use Google to find out what logical fallacies mean and there are some 300 on record.