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Budapest!! The place to be.

2012_05_21_2590Hey look, those who know the Captain will say that I’m ultra-critical, nit-picky, fussy, hard to please – and things of the like. So when you hear me say a thing or place is good, listen up!!

Right – I came over to Budapest for dental work. Calm down at the outset!! You know the Cap always has options layered in bledy complicated ways. You think I’m gonna get teeth pulled and ruin what would/should be holiday – get real!!  Well if you thought so, you don’t know me well enough. Dental work was one ‘layer’ but there’s the business of living life which takes priority always.

Let’s cut through the intros shall we. Right – Budapest is a lovely city for several reasons:

  1. Most importantly – I don’t feel watched. That is because, these people are either 10 times less paranoid than the English or they disguise their paranoia 10 times better!!  I could roam this city, as an apparent ‘Asian’ – spotting another so-called Asian after some 10,000 faces, and nobody gives a shit!!!
  2. The people here are flexible in mind to learn English – unlike my experience in Germany- these people in Budapest couldn’t give flying you know what.
  3. The women are much less obese than in bledy England!!! It’s easy to spot. Skin texture is different – no you don’t need to feel it – you can see it. Less wrinkles, less cellulite and more curves!! LOL.
  4. Still on about women, the women are mostly women, unlike in England where there is a 50:50 chance that a so-called woman actually has a penis and behaves like a man!! WTF!!
  5. The city’s transport system is brill – I mean just brill. You pay equivalent of £15 and you can travel throughout the city for 7 days by bus, tram, or rail, or tube. The other thing is that you can get a drink of some alcoholic beverage if you want at almost any corner shop. Now that’s great!

I have to tell you about a special thing that made my week. I happened to have a meal at the Trofea Grill. This place is ‘unreal’  – like you pay roughly £15 and you eat and drink as much as you can manage over 3 hours. Hello – that includes champagne, beer and wine for a flat fee. I don’t know how they do it. The crowd was visibly over 45 years old, and well behaved. I felt I got double my money’s worth!

Oh you want the English approach to evaluation. Okay – I did not see crime in progress. I saw police cars with blaring sirens, ambulances racing to help people in need.  The usual for a city.  I’m a tourist and I felt so much at ease.

What I do know is that I’m relaxed in this city and I’ll be back!!

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