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Banned by Amazon (updated)

The following email was sent to Amazon tonight. ============== I got this message tonight on the platform. (2022-09-01 around 23:00). >>We apologize but Amazon has noticed some unusual reviewing activity on this account. As a result, all reviews submitted by this account have been removed and this account willRead More


Some will be afflicted by the Semmelweis Reflex to immediately reject this post and linked reports. Others will bawl, “I could be run over by a bus – so what?” Well, read this excerpt first if you’re still here – from Nature Journal 17th Aug 2022: Huge volcanic eruptions: timeRead More

The Barnum Effect

Some will be reaching for Google and dictionaries on this. Some fine examples of Barnum statements, “Humans a not perfect“, or “Everybody makes mistakes – are you perfect?” or “Not everybody is a scientist.” The words seem to hold a truth held dear by ordinary people. But in essence theyRead More

Justifying anything you want

I’ve touched on ‘justification‘ in several posts over the years. A recent event last week, made me think even more about it. As always I try to define or refine what I mean by words like justify or justification. Google addicts may now pause to check what the words mean.Read More

Tea and other stuff may rain from the heavens

I marvel at the way the humans think. But then  – are they actually thinking? The way you work that is to say, “Some do – some don’t.” Giant orbiting teapot So – there is a massive teapot orbiting the Earth and it is about to pour tea on everybody.Read More

Where is fact in relation to position?

Again this exploration is motivated by what I see on social media platforms. I often read or hear, “The fact is… (blah blah)..”. But what does that mean? What does fact mean? What do people mean when they refer to ‘fact‘? Of course I’ve not been able to directly quizRead More

I found it

Well, I know that I do not throw away things that are/were of value to me. I found the book FALLACY: The counterfeit of argument,  in a storage box in my garage today 2022-05-29 around 12:30PM. It means I’ve kept that book for just over 40 years! Snapshots below. ItRead More

Social media evidence

One of the big reasons I hang out and interact on social media, is to explore cultures and ways of thinking/behaviour.  So when you see some of the same represented in the utterances of Stupid (that imaginary impish figure in my mind), you know where that came from. The exampleRead More

How human thought flows

This post is going to be updated at regular intervals. I found a way to hide text from posts until they are properly completed. So – what’s seen at this time is only what I want to show. Yes – I can do non-published drafts. But I find it betterRead More

Starting over with belief

Belief and believing (etc) have been a big part of my attention for many years. Having read a lot on this, I decided to start all over. What I mean is, I’m going back to the roots of belief. There are things that determine beliefs and I will go intoRead More

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