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No virus required – ticking time-bombs.

I’ve just come across: Euro is a house of cards waiting to topple – Nigel Farage.

On reading this the following thoughts came to my mind. The root of all this mess in Europe, is two things: corruption and greed. Simple but not simplistic. I drift on to more self-talk/think.

As I’ve said before I have low hopes for the survival of the human race beyond the next 100 years. I’ve freed myself of the hard-wired optimism given to me by my evolutionary heritage. So that means I’ll be labelled a misanthropist, pessimist and a depressive – as against a realist.

Reality is too hard a place for most people. The reality is that we as a ‘race’ – the human race – cannot conquer it’s own collective flawed psychoevolutionary cognitive-behavioural patterns. Did I say I was better than thou – or imply that? Keep calm and get a brain.

When in a few million years, perhaps, the remnants of our civilisation is happened upon by some visiting superior race, they will wonder if we were exterminated by ‘virus’, or ‘sudden global catastrophe’. What they will probably not see is evidence of our tendency to corruption, greed and stupidity. No virus required. But if they are lucky to find some evidence of all that, they will probably shake their heads and think, “Corruption, greed and stupidity are collectively the ticking time-bombs for a civilisation to self-destruct – we must learn from their failings – and spread the word throughout the other worlds we might come across.”.

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