How different

by Captain Walker

Categories: CW

20130818_172605_HDR_2I’ve been out walking in fields. I stopped and looked at some sheep. 99% of them and their heads down – feeding. I had no reason to think that they were planning a terrorist attack on anyone. In fact I’ve never heard of sheep being arrested for terrorism or any crime at all. They’re peace-loving animals in general. They don’t build bombs and planes and trains and factories etc. They just eat, breed if allowed to and die. Yes – I know humans do this too but we do the building of various machines, travel to the moon, send satellites to Mars etc – some pretty fancy stuff.

 20130818_183210_smAnd this lovely dragonfly, is seemingly unaware of what I am, what I’m holding, what I’m doing. In fact there is no scientific evidence that many animals lower than some primates are self-aware. But the humans like to argue about this sort of thing – yuh know, how cats ‘think’ and dogs are aware of their soul etc. It’s a never-ending argument with fools and I made a resolution some time ago to avoid contact with fools.

But what has the field got to do with it. Well, the inventions of humans have ploughed and prepared that whole field. The humans can do far more stuff than other life forms, they can invent and create machines that give them far more power over the earth, the wind, and the sky etc.

20130818_175924_HDRSo I wonder – if we’re being ‘watched’ by some trans-dimensional creatures – analogous to me watching the dragonfly, what might they be saying or thinking about us. Sure – I have nothing better to do with my time. But you have – so bugger off. That’s it for today.

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