by Captain Walker

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As this is social media of some sort, I expect all sorts of inferences about my ‘personality’, for posting this. I have a very wide taste in music from Classical to all sorts of ‘heavy metal’ and ‘acid rock’. Just be clear, I do not condone or promote the use of ‘acid’! I just happen to re-visit various types of Rock music tonight. I’ve come across Disturbed again – and I just happen to be fascinated by their music. Some other related music is shared – and I’m so not interested if it is anybody’s favourites (or not). I do not require psychoanalysis or therapy – thank you very much! This means GET LOST! I decide if I have ‘issues’. FFS!

The lyrics to Stricken are amazing.

And this one below is apt, cuz most people don’t know “Who I am”!

Do I give a monkeys?! I do not!!

Some will not understand – and I still do no give a monkeys!

Forgotten heroes on the wrong side of heaven, right side of hell.


Wut? Waiting for some psychobabble? Push off!

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