Even Less

by Captain Walker

Categories: CW

[Health warning. If you who reads this happens to be vulnerable to mental disorder, kindly do not read on. Leave now. You have been told. This means if you succumb to a mental disorder, you sue yourself!]

I can’t even remember if I’ve posted on this before and I’m not checking either. ‘Even less’ is a so-called dark song sung by Porcupine tree. Most people are expected to avoid it, cuz people wanna avoid ‘dark stuff’. Yuh know ‘everybody’ wants to be happy. Innit! If you who reads this is one of those people, you are strongly advised to bugger off now! If you don’t you have no business moaning about this post.

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The words of the song are pretty sparse and simple:

A body is washed up on a Norfolk beach
He was a friend that I could not reach
He thought I was cold but I understand
But for the grace of God goes another man

And I may just waste away from doing nothing
But you’re a martyr for even less

A choirboy is buried on the moors
Where we used to go dreaming when we were bored
So some kids are best left to fend for themselves
And others were born to stack shelves

And I may just waste away from doing nothing
But you’re a martyr for even less

If you’re thick as 1.5 planks, you will not have listened to the song. It is more than the words you idiot! To learn less avoid this link.

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