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‘We can’t live here anymore’

This is the headline about a father’s sentiment about his two young children who luckily escaped with their lives, after being bound and gagged, while mother nipped out to get some baby food a few minutes away.

For viewers outside of this godforesaken Rock, I should explain that this crime took place in the height of the country’s State of Emergency i.e. when there is a very high police presence and readiness to respond.

What therefore is the likelihood of such crimes in the absence of such law enforcement high alert? I think it’s fairly obvious. No – I refuse to spell it out for you.

The bewildered father reportedly said, “I have to give thanks to God for my wife and baby daughter, not being in the house at the time of the robbery because if she was there maybe she could have been raped, or the children could have been beaten, or worse yet, kidnapped. But since this did not happen I am grateful that although some valuables were taken, my wife and children are safe.

Whilst I could understand and entirely empathise with his sense of relief –and that his utterance was said in that context, I must examine the issue of God in all this. Well I know he must have been using words loosely. However, some Rockians actually believe that, but for God the situation would be far worse.

It is this stupid belief – totally and completely stupid – that God will protect ‘you’/’us’ from crime that has people living on that Rock and not taking the initiative to leave.

The most brain washed of Rock-crawlers will say to themselves the following:

  1. Crime exists in every country.
  2. My ‘Rock’ is no worse than elsewhere.
  3. There are more heinous murders and rapes in the UK and USA.
  4. What? You expect everybody to leave this ‘Rock’ and live in another country?

I waste no time rebutting any of the above sorts of statements or questions. It represents a totally self-serving and misguided logic – I call it ‘invincible stupidity’. I know that the stupid and those with a low capacity to adequately appraise the future and adapt, will suffer more than those who can. It is their destiny!

Ad nauseum – I say to my friends who, in the face of mountains of evidence pointing to high risk of being raped, killed in a car crash, or murdered on that Rock, “Remember me when such incident or crime visits you!”.  At the point of being painfully penetrated by an unwanted penis, or fatally chopped by a cutlass, or fatally colliding head on with a maniac driver, or before the gun goes off at the back of your head – think of me! Then your last dying thoughts should be ‘I should have listened – I was stupid – I deserve what I get.’ For then, in those last few microseconds of your life, you will know that no God will come out of the heavens to rescue you. Game over! Lights out!

But that’s if you’re lucky. What if you survive to see your loved ones suffer a living hell of the consequences of such serious crime – or you have to survive the murder of a loved one, that you had taken to live on that stupid Rock? Or you have to live the physical and psychiatric consequences of you or your loved one being brutally raped? Well, you’ll still think of me – every time you nut your head on a stone wall punishing yourself for your utter stupidity. But the impression you leave on that stone wall will change nothing. Remember that! God? “Where was God when it was happening” to you? – you will think. Too late for you or God!

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