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Super-patterns: The ultimate problem of programming

I’m going deeper – and this is a difficult one to put into words. For other posts tagged with ‘patterns’ go here (or not).

What is programming? Well, people might immediately think of ‘computers‘.  After all, computers work on sets of instructions. But this post is about the human being, which is far more complicated than any computer! People are not just given sets of instructions for life. They may be given instructions at work which they need to follow, else risk getting the sack.

I said this was deeper so I’m not interested in superficial programming like that. Some think or know that ‘people’ are not ‘computers’ and that’s fine for them. However, the reality unbeknownst to that lot is that the human brain is a ‘computer’ of a different and superior level of sophistication. For those who believe in ‘evolution’, it took some 5 Billion years to create and develop. For those who believe that God created humans, then that’s around 6000 years. So where is all this going ? – the usual silly question, as people want a complex situation reduced into a few crisp low resolution sentences, that makes sense. Innit? It’s a busy world and people really do not have much time to read stuff or think! To those I say, ‘Take a flying leap!’.

In this post I return to ideas on patterns. But I’m looking under patterns i.e. what if something deeper than patterns is ‘programmed’ or programmable? I’ll refer to this as super-patterns. What this means is that patterns are nested in deeper super-patterns. Therefore I speculate that programming has happened at a level much deeper than patterns.

Let me start with ‘art’ in all its forms – howsoever you want to think of. All art created by humans is a result of the efforts of ‘flesh and blood’. I’m not debating it. And that’s a super-pattern right there! Yep – right under our noses! How? Our physical form is the result of DNA (and the like) organising matter in certain ways to create ‘us’. Within DNA are numerous patterns. But those are higher orders of patterns – which cannot be altered easily. Eh? Yes – you can’t decide to suddenly change the pattern of your DNA which creates ‘you’. Now, flesh and blood, in the human form, is limited in certain ways. Really? Yes! ‘We’ can only see seven colours in the vast electromagnetic spectrum. The unassisted human eye cannot see ultra-violet or X-rays (for example).

We in our flesh and blood are confined to thinking and operating in three dimensions. Most people, probably 99.9999%, cannot think in 4 or more dimensions (some 8 to 10 have been inferred as real, through careful mathematical exploration).  So all of ‘art’ is confined to three dimensions and limited by our super-patterns, to the various forms we appreciate.

Connecting all the above, we are ruled by a super-pattern of ‘dimensions’ which in turn has orchestrated our physical form through the ‘design’ of DNA over millions of years. And what is DNA? Some think  or reach for ‘dah internet’ – no doubt – and would start reading about double helices etc. And that’s fine for them – cuz they cannot think in the time frame of billions of years. In the evolutionary model, DNA has been shaped by zillions of events. It is a super-pattern that represents a record of our evolutionary history on a universal if not planetary scale. The super-pattern of DNA ‘decides’ our sleep-wake cycles, the very need for sleep, our breathing patterns, thinking patterns, our patterns of responses to the unknown or unexpected, our basic instincts – and much more.

So – what does it all mean? This is where I’m bound to be expected to spoon-feed – and that’s not going to happen.

The Wall represents a grand-limitation on what ‘we’ can achieve. We weren’t meant to fly or swim thousands of feet below the ocean, or to travel into space, or see into other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum – but yet we found ways to do all those things. Obviously we developed means to pole-vault beyond our limitations of original design/evolution. Moving beyond our limitations of original hardwired programming is not easy – else everybody would just ‘do it’.

The final frontier is the ‘human mind’ which is not in outer-space. And how do we move our minds beyond the limitations of original designs? If you thought I had the answers and was just going to tell you, I’m gleefully going to say, “Stuff you!” Why? Because the sort of person who wants answers on a plate is just the sort of fool who is a victim of their own pattern of expectation. I never said I was here to help anybody!

Did I say that ‘everybody’ has to change their super-patterns or that everybody should attempt to do so? Did I say that I am right? No – and no! I don’t care what anybody ‘does’. I’m nobody – no authority – except over my own mind. Who else has thought of all this? I couldn’t give a monkeys!

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